New theme: Illustratr

My new theme called Illustratr is now available on It’s taking full advantage of the brand new feature we’ve released: Portfolios.

Go check it out!

Demo site / Documentation

Illustratr: Homepage

Edit: I will not answer support questions. Please use forums instead.

15 thoughts on “New theme: Illustratr

  1. Hi

    I really love the theme and would like to use it on my site, but I can’t find it in my dashboard.
    Is this theme only for and not for self-hosted sites?

    I’m a bit confused and would like to know if I can use it on my self-hosted site, is it at all possible?

  2. Hi. This is the simple theme I’ve been waiting for.
    Still having trouble though. Instead of a menu bar under my name, it just says “uncatagorized”.
    And there’s no solution offered…. That I can find…

  3. Man, I LOVE this theme. I’d really like to use it on one (or more) of my self-hosted sites. Do you plan to sell it or put it on GitHub or anything?

  4. i am setting up my site now using this theme. my problem, however, is that i’m adding new projects and i just want them to go on one portfolio page (i have multiple). i would like to feature different projects on different pages. is this possible and how do i do it please?

  5. Hi Thomas, love the theme, thank you!
    Just wondering if there was a way I could change the colour of the “underline” that appears under the headers? The default is black and have been trying to use CSS to change this.

  6. Hi Thomas – I love the theme, it’s superb. Great job.

    The only difficulty I’m having (and it’s only a minor one), is getting it to display the excerpts of my blog posts in the post listings page. At the moment it seems to be stuck displaying each entire post rather than just the excerpt. This will mean visitors scrolling down past an entire post to view the previous article.

    I’ve added some text to the excerpt field and have checked the box marked: “for each article in a feed show – summary” under Settings/Reading. Am I missing something obvious? My blog is here:

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    Once again – great theme.

    1. I’ve searched the support forums and have used the “more tag” so that’ll do the job if it’s not possible within the theme itself :)

    2. Hey Jonny,

      First of all, nice website :)

      “for each article in a feed show – summary” is only for the RSS Feed. Illustratr isn’t using the “excerpt” (except for the Search Results Page) so yeah, use the “more tag” instead.

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Thomas!

        Ah, I didn’t realise it was only for the RSS Feed. No worries, the “more tag” does the job for me.

        Hope you’re well :)

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